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 the beginning of the end

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PostSubject: the beginning of the end   4/1/2009, 1:04 am

you told me that we would be together......
2 "perfect" soulmates.... "destined" to be.....
well now i guess things have changed........
your lies........
cut through me like glass.... a razor edge cutting deep in my skin
your promises...... torn away by the truth that i finally see...

So much for a happy much for "happily ever after"
so much for giving you everything that I have....
now..... all i have left...
are a broken heart......broken memories......
shattered dreams.........
I gave you all my soul...... and everything I have
only to have it broken..... shattered.......
happy now?

you won....... you finally exposed my weakness....

a broken heart....

severed in two
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PostSubject: Re: the beginning of the end   4/1/2009, 4:02 am

Please don't take offense here, but I'm thinking every teen-age girl has journals/diaries full of this type of writing. I guess I'm just a bitter, jaded old lady - but I don't like love/relationship poems at all, unless they are love poems that manage to be that without saying so - without being so upfront with the subject - maybe approach this a different way - metaphors are good? Ah, what the hell do I know! ??

Anyway - keep writing. People, (especially the assholes among us) are great subjects!!
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the beginning of the end
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